About us

Solar Freedom Africa is a next generation Social Enterprise which was set up to champion Renewable Energy last-mile distribution to the most remote rural areas of Africa in a bid to makes solar power affordable and accessible for all people as well as combating poverty and climate change through business.


Our Mission is to eradicate energy poverty in Africa by replacing kerosene with clean, affordable and renewable energy.

Why Solar instead of Kerosene


Kerosene burns up to 25% of the monthly income for off-grid families in Africa.


Causes fatal burns, eye and lung problems and releases black carbon into the environment.


The light is too dim to read or study without straining the eyes.

Prevents Study

The high cost and dim light prevents night time reading, work and socializing.


Case Study: Uganda Today

In Uganda, 5 million households (85% of the population) lack access to electricity. It has become evident that access to reliable electricity plays a major role in development. One of the major problems for developing countries that lack electricity is expensive, unhealthy, unsafe lighting alternatives.

Most Ugandans use kerosene lanterns or candles for lighting which produce poor quality light, have unsafe open flames that cause fires, and with kerosene price fluctuations, they are not affordable.

An average Ugandan household spends between USD 4 and 10 per month on kerosene for lighting and between USD 1 and 2 per month on phone charging. Redirecting current kerosene/paraffin expenditures to modern alternatives like the solar systems will have positive development effects resulting in:

  • Healthier homes due to lack of toxic fumes
  • Safer homes due to minimized fire hazard
  • Higher income for small businesses
  • Improved education Reduced energy spending


Current Focus

Our focus is to provide affordable lighting and phone charging products specifically for low income populations that do not have access to electricity.

We believe that energy access is one of the key building blocks of economic development and the first step to alleviate energy poverty. Thus our first area of focus is on the most basic need for clean and affordable lighting.

To achieve this, we distribute micro-solar lighting and phone charging products that have been designed to target communities in developing countries. Our mission is to help low income families break their dependence on inefficient, expensive and harmful light sources by giving them cleaner and cheaper options.

Through its innovative distribution model planned for several countries in Africa to sell solar lights in rural off-grid communities dependent on costly, toxic kerosene for lighting, Solar Freedom Africa will be able to build a sustainable market for solar products and help people in rural Africa to steadily climb the energy leader.



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  • Team Work
  • Diversity
  • Performance